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Outsourced Product Development

SARANGSoft provides software architecture, design, development, QA, and maintenance service in different technology areas as per project needs from client all across the world and a variety of business domains. We have successfully executed projects of many sizes – pretty small (1 man month) to quite large (10+ man years), and different types – from development of a single component or app to start with project feasibility study and go past post-delivery support & maintenance.

Our services include design and development of rights-managed media SDK, parts of the HDTV functionality in Windows XP MCE, bug fixing and security enhancements for Windows Vista, addition of new features and implementing tools for the Windows team, design and development of the media layer for a Windows-based media center product for a TV set-top box company, implementing a data migration system for a major insurance company, developing and maintaining software components for a start-up, design and develop streaming media component for a medium-size company, and more. Our deep knowledge and experience of the Windows platform, and Multimedia in particular, enables us to create appropriate solutions for our clients.

Software product development is a long, expensive, and complex process. It’s not easy to find the appropriately skilled professionals to create a product. Using a suitable software development partner to take care of some of the tasks can make it much easier and efficient for the main product team. This model has been utilized by a large number of organizations, and the practice is gradually increasing to manage cost as well as time to market.

A software product is as good as it’s designed, developed and tested. Testing or QA very frequently takes a back seat under the market pressure and unexpected changes in project specification, design etc. Also, it’s not too easy to build a comprehensive test infrastructure for testing a product. We have a lot of experience in developing detailed test plans, developing test applications, and documenting the test process for various types of projects. This includes functional verification, API testing, stress testing, performance measurement etc. Along the way, we have developed and released our own powerful test framework product, Testology, which can be used for testing software developed in C++ on Windows.

Our major strength and focus is on the Windows platform – Win32, COM, C++, C#, .NET, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, LINQ, IIS, WMI, Active Directory, SharePoint, and more.
We also have expertise and experience in the Open Source platform – Linux, C++, Apache, MySQL, PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, OpenCart etc.

We provide services for:

  • Software architecture, design, development, testing and maintenance for client projects
  • Design and development of custom software products for specific vertical markets
  • Design and development of web-based products and services
  • Value addition and integration around our partners' and our own products and services

SARANGSoft’s offshore development center, SARANGSoft India Pvt. Ltd (SIPL), is well experienced in outsourced product development through of a number of projects to deliver software products for the parent company (SARANGSoft Corporation). Some of our clients have been using a fixed team at SIPL as their own "Offshore Dev Team" for years. The process is well-understood and practiced, because of which we can help any organization with building parts or all of their product and/or service using a suitable combination of on-site, off-site, offshore delivery model.

Some of our notable service projects are:
  • Design, development, testing of PlayReady PC SDK for Microsoft
  • Development of Microsoft software targeted for the emerging markets
  • Development of software for the Zune portable media player
  • Development of Pro Photo Management tools under Rich Media initiative at Microsoft
  • Design and development of parts of Media Foundation in Windows Vista for Microsoft
  • Development of automated test suite for Media Foundation in Windows 7 for Microsoft
  • Design and development of application and firmware for remote data acquisition for ETS
  • Architecture, design and development of the media layer of "Moxi for PC" at Digeo
  • Maintenance of Windows Shell, IE, Multimedia, Kernel in Vista & Server 2008 for Microsoft
  • Development projects for Windows XP and XP-MCE HDTV features for Microsoft
  • Design and development of RTMP media streaming component for iStreamPlanet
  • Architecture, design, development of Windows monitoring system for network security product of AccelOps
  • Design and development of desktop and web-based integrated learning system for KoolLearning
  • Design and development of social networking site for Central Bankers and Finance community for Kirkwoord-Spiro
  • Concept, design, development of biographical site on Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore for RabindraTirtha
  • Development and maintenance of nutrition program management site for NTA (USA) and EGPS (Europe)
  • Architecture, design, development, maintenance of Social Media & Ad system for Me!Box
  • Maintenance and enhancement of web-based project bidding system for DBE Goodfaith
  • Integration of DVD playback filtering on Windows for ClearPlay
  • Conversion of legacy system from IBM Mainframe to Unix/Sybase for Regence BlueShield