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All Windows PC users, specifically:

  • IT Admins for servers & client PCs
  • Users saving files on office PCs
  • Users saving personal files on home PC

What is CloudScape

CloudScape is a Windows application that seamlessly integrates -- including drag & drop, browsing, scheduled & manual sync (to cloud) -- cloud storage with local storage.
Its Explorer-like user interface enables easy transfer of files and folders to and from cloud (AWS-S3 and Azure).
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Do you care about the files on your PC? If so, you must be taking regular backups. You are, right?

If you save any data on your Windows PC, i.e., if you edit documents, crunch numbers, design presentations, compose media, collect / process / organize data, and so on, you know those files – not the hardware or software – are the most valuable items on your PC. One mishap – natural disaster or equipment failure – can destroy all your hard work to develop the data over time.

Will you be able to handle the resulting data loss?

Will you know how much and which data might have been affected by such an unfortunate incident?

The simplest and most effective option for safekeeping of your data, even better than any insurance: regular automatic data backup, preferably to a remote / off-site location. In case of any mishap, the required data can be promptly and precisely restored from the backups.

You can easily accomplish all this using SARANGSoft filexpertez (said as file-expert-ease), and without spending much! It's a comprehensive file and folder management tool for Windows PCs – at home, office, school / college, small business, research lab, everywhere.

At the heart of filexpertez is the powerful and flexible backup and restore functionality. It enables you to take automatic or manual backup – either full or incremental – and save those locally (hard disk, CD/DVD, USB drives, Network Attached Storage or NAS, network shares) vs. remotely / off-site (in AWS or Azure cloud), with or without encryption (AES 128 to 256-bit), and so on. You can also schedule the backups, as well as opt to receive email notification on completion.

Data Restore includes a number of standard as well as innovative capabilities, such as Manual vs. Structure Restore, Restore Points, Filtered Restore, and more.

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Backup & Restore
filexpertez Expert Backup provides a powerful backup and restore functionality that is simple yet efficient. It provides you with all the relevant functionality and choices, as well as makes you informed and comfortable about picking the correct options that fit your needs. Neither is it restrictive in the name of being "simple", nor does it present a confusing array of choices to be "flexible". Expert Backup hits the right balance between flexibility and ease of use.

Though there is a wide set of options for backup and restore to cover various scenarios, the simple user interface makes it easy to understand and choose what you need to do at every step, along with the most common options selected by default, so that you can just breeze through the process.

You regularly Backup the data – as an insurance against unexpected problems. When you need to get back the original files, Restore is there to help you get back any data you might have lost.

Backup vs. Sync
These days it's very common to synchronize, or Sync in short, your PC data files and folders with a local storage or cloud-based system. There are plenty of such services available. The hard disc manufacturers bundle some kind of "backup" software with the drive, which most of the time does "sync" your files and folders to that disc. The cloud-based sync services keep your data sync-ed with their online storage, for a monthly fee – ranging from US$5 a month to US$100 a month, depending on the amount of backed up data, the service level (quality, speed, reliability) etc. Sync is pretty easy to understand – the latest snapshot of your data is stored somewhere; if you need it, you can get it.

Backup, on the other hand, bundles up the required files from your PC and stores is as an "archive" on the destination storage – a local hard disc or an online storage (cloud, FTP etc.). There are two types of backups – full and incremental. A full backup takes a snapshot of all your required data files at that time and creates the archive. Since it includes all the files, the "full" backup archive is big in size, even if compression is used, which means it takes storage space and also some time to complete. The "incremental" backup includes only the files that have changed since the last backup – full or incremental, i.e., it records the changes from the last backup. Since less number of files change often (say daily), an incremental archive is much smaller in size, and hence takes a lot less time to complete. For any computer, it's practical and recommended to use a combination of full and incremental backups, such as monthly full backup and daily incremental backup.

The difference between backup and sync is that sync is convenient and simple to understand, whereas backup is a bit complex to understand but more dependable. In some scenarios, sync is absolutely fine and good enough. However, in most cases sync keeps only the latest version, or at most a few recent versions, of your files. If you by mistake delete or overwrite a file, sync doesn't know that. It "trusts" that you know what you need or are doing, and will faithfully mirror what you have done – delete or overwrite / replace the earlier files. If you want to get back a file from may be a year before, which is often a requirement (especially in legal scenarios or for compliance), your sync-ed version might not have it. Despite its somewhat not-so-easy ways, with backup you can choose to keep as much (or as little) of your old data as you want or need. For example, if you need 3-year old version of some files, you can get that back from a backup archive, as long as you have kept those archives. A well thought out data retention policy is the best arrangement to get back data as it evolves over a period of time.

filexpertez Expert Replicator helps locate all the files that match the required types, size, date & time etc. from multiple folders and sub-folders across your hard disk, and makes a copy of all those under the exact same folder hierarchy – with just a few mouse-clicks. You can detect and resolve file conflicts as well as view files on-the-fly.

filexpertez Expert Eraser helps find and get rid of unwanted and unnecessary files, such as temporary files (.tmp or such) left behind by various applications, as well as the "just for now" files we create all over the place. Identify a bunch of files by searching for type(s), size, date & time across the folders, and delete in one go.



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