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WIMPLE Quick Install Guide

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WIMPLE: Create web forms for

  • Contact Us
  • Feedback
  • Technical / Product Support Query
  • Customer Complaint
  • General Inquiry
  • Application
or whatever form you can think of.

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  • WIMPLE WP Form Plugin Flexible and convenient Web Form plug-in for WordPress.
WIMPLE WP Form Plugin

WIMPLE WP Form Plugin

Why use WIMPLE Form Plugin?

Almost all professional websites provide at least one Contact form or Feedback form, through which website visitors can send questions, comments, feedback to the site owners. There are forms also for customer complaint, product / service inquiry, job application / inquiry, request submission etc. based on the purpose of the website or web application. It is also important to collect (and validate) the data from the user and send that to the site owner for follow up actions. While different sites / apps might have different requirements, it is quite common to send the form data in the form of an email. Since such emails contain useful and sometimes customer / user data, it is critical to ensure proper delivery of such emails. Creating and managing such web forms is an important part of the website development process. A plugin that provides such requirements helps minimize the complexity, time, and cost of development and management of a website.

SARANGSoft WIMPLE Web Form plugin fulfills these requirements for WordPress-based websites and apps. WordPress developers can create any type of form for WordPress-based websites. The plugin offers controls like Text Area, Check-Box, Drop-down List, Multi-select Drop-down with Check-Box, Radio Button, Date field, Note section etc., from which the developer can choose to create the form as per requirement. Developer can add Google reCAPTCHA in the form. Developer can create separate forms for different sections / pages of the website or app. With WIMPLE the developer can choose / set the label, data type, prompt, error message etc. Developer can position each field anywhere within the form. S/he can place a field in any row, change the position of a field, can place a field before / after an existing field within a row in the form layout. After adding a field developer can view / modify the form layout. Also, the developer can easily configure the email with form data using AWS SES (for better delivery success), Twilio SendGrid, or SMTP (simple).

Product UI Screenshots

You can create a web form using WIMPLE plugin as follows -

  • Go to WordPress Site Admin.
  • Click on 'WIMPLE Contact' in the left pane.
  • Initially there will be no web form. Click on 'Add New' in the top-left area.
  • Start by providing the 'Form Details', which includes 'Form Name', CAPTCHA details, form color etc.
  • In the 'Mail Settings' section, specify the email settings -- including the 'sender' (from) and 'recipient' (to) email ids -- for sending the auto-generated email with the form data. There are two supported options -- AWS-SES and SMTP server -- for sending out the email. You can select one of these options and provide the related information.

    1. AWS-SES: You need to provide --

    • AWS Endpoint
    • AWS account 'Access Key'
    • AWS account 'Secret Access Key'

    2. SMTP server other than AWS-SES: You need to provide --

    • SMTP Server Address
    • SMTP Server Port
    • Username
    • Password

    NOTE: These email sending data are put in the WordPress configuration file and stored on the web server, where the plug-in is installed. These are used only to send the emails generated based on the form data. SARANGSoft does *NOT* get / have any access to these data.

    The auto-generated emails with the form data from WIMPLE Web Form Plug-in via AWS SES (Simple Email Service) are sent using Signature version 4 for better security.

    You can test the email sending arrangement by clicking 'Send Test Email'.

  • Once the settings are done, please click on the 'Save' button to go to the next page.
  • In the next page you need to define the fields for the form in frontend.

    For each field, please specify -

    • Field Name, which will be shown as the label for the field in frontend.
    • Field Type will specify which control you want to use, e.g., single-line text or multi-line text or check-box or radio button or drop-down list or multi-select drop-down with check-box etc.
    • Whether it is a mandatory field, or a field that will take only a valid email id or only a numeric digit.
    • Its 'help' text, which will be be shown below the field (to assist the user about the field and its acceptable value / format), and the error message in case field data validation fails (because invalid data is entered by the user in the frontend.
    • Position of the field within the form. In which row it will be placed and before / after which field it will be placed if that row already contains at least one field.

  • After you add each field, you can view the form layout.
  • You can select each field from the form layout and edit its properties and its position within the form.
  • Once you click on 'Save', you will return to the list of forms where you will see your newly created form.
  • You will need to copy the ‘Shortcode’ for the form and use WordPress function ‘do_shortcode()’ with the Shortcode in the PHP file for the required web page to show it in the frontend.

WIMPLE WP Form Plugin V2.4


Download WIMPLE Contact Form Plugin from here.