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We often see and hear about cloud computing and cloud technology. One of the most common use of "cloud" is remote storage of data, such as for data backup, for safety and security reasons. Most cloud storage services come as all-in-one – the storage, the application to access stored data, along with their limitations / restrictions etc. While an integrated approach simplifies certain usage scenarios, the biggest drawback is the one-approach-fits-all assumption. Your choices are limited to how that cloud storage service has been designed and developed, and for whom.

SARANGSoft CloudScape is a unique cloud computing tool for the Windows platform to seamlessly integrate cloud storage (AWS-S3 and Azure) with local storage (such as the hard disc in the PC). Its Windows Explorer-like user interface enables easy transfer (including drag & drop) of files and folders to and from cloud, thereby making cloud storage an extension of your local PC storage. You can also sync your local folders to cloud automatically (using scheduling) or on-demand.

CloudScape currently works with Amazon AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure, with more public cloud support in the future.

You can use Windows standard shortcut keys (e.g., Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, F2, Del etc.) and the rich context menus to perform various operations on cloud and local storage. For the local storage, it not only gives you a view of your host computer, but all the PCs in your network.

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A distinct advantage of CloudScape is that it is cloud provider agnostic, i.e., it is not tied to any specific cloud technology or provider (such as Amazon, Microsoft etc.). You are free to use the technology offering of your choice based on your needs vs. the features, quality, price and convenience offered by the cloud service provider. Sign-up for your own user account with your cloud vendor of choice, and specify that CloudScape once. Then you can transfer files and folders between cloud and local storage just as you do between two drives of your PC.

Try it out and see how the boundaries between your local and cloud storage fade away. Storing files in cloud need not be any different, nor has it ever been so easy!



CloudScape v3.2

US$ 19.95 single user single machine license

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