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IT Configuration Management

There are constant challenges to managing IT networks.

IT Administrators manage PCs and servers, hardware, software (and licenses), users and groups, security, performance, system audit, future planning, and so on.

We deliver configuration management as you need it – installation (on-premise or cloud, local or distributed), integration, software customization, custom reports, process definition, training, support, maintenance, and more.

RESULT: Efficient, Secure, Well-managed IT Network.

Here are some questions to consider about managing your IT network.

  • Does your organization use elaborate Active Directory Domains or just Windows Workgroups?
  • Do you have one office or multiple offices across states or even countries?
  • Do you want to monitor your IT configurations locally at each office or centrally from one location?
  • Do you have special requirements regarding IT operations and management?
Our customized IT Configuration Management solution can meet your specific needs.

Our IT Configuration Management product, SysExpertez, manages up to 20 PCs and servers at a single office location out-of-the-box. Additional licenses (Client Access Licenses or CALs) are available for bigger networks. We can help setup and configure SysExpertez in your network, so that you see the benefits immediately without investing any of your resources for that. We use off-the-shelf SysExpertez for such scenarios.

If your organization is geographically distributed, we can utilize the power of cloud computing to consolidate the IT configuration management process for different offices into a unified and integrated experience. Then you can choose to monitor / manage at local office level or from a central location. We use a cloud-enabled version of SysExpertez, and can provide it as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model service on per computer per month / year basis. Even if you run a domain in one office and a workgroup in another, this solution caters to that too. We take care of the database and cloud infrastructure for such distributed setup to work seamlessly.

Since we own the whole technology, we can customize SysExpertez to fulfill your specific requirements, including UI (look & feel), additional functionality, custom behavior, organizational rules / policies, integration with existing / other infrastructure, and so on. We can even brand it (white label) according to specific requirements.

Customized IT Configuration Management for one or more locations.