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Why Testology

When a product is developed, it is meant to serve a purpose. But how do you judge the quality of the product? How do you know that rather than solving the problem, it won't cause more it? For software products, it's no different, and actually could be even worse, because bad quality software might cause serious problems, such as data loss, compromising your computer security, damaging another product or process, and so on. Above all, how do you know the product will actually serve the planned purpose or not? All of those questions have one answer – through proper testing.

The next question is what kind of testing? It would definitely be great to test the whole product and all of its components thoroughly. However, that means a lot of different test cases to run from various different angles / setups. For that the Test Developer needs to develop test suite(s) with a rather large number of test cases. Not only that, each test case has to be executed to verify certain feature or function of the product. All this needs a LOT of time. On top of that, there could be cross-dependencies between different parts of the product, where taking one step in one area may have intended or unintended consequences in another seemingly unrelated area of the product. Taking all this into account, doing a thorough testing of a product is quite a challenge!

Some of that challenge can be handled with test automation, which help develop and maintain test suites, run the test cases automatically or interactively (as needed), and log the test results, and summary for the tester to generate reports. Also, it is often necessary to change only the data set for the test cases to get more test coverage. It is not trivial, or even easy, to handle different data sets for the same test cases. A properly designed test development and automation tool can address that need too.

SARANGSoft Testology is a powerful test automation tool for Windows C/C++ developers. It provides an easy mechanism to develop tests – from unit tests for C functions or C++ classes by Software Developers to full test suites by Test Developers – as well as enables Test Runners (or Testers) to execute those test cases to verify the correctness, reliability, and performance of the concerned software product.

Testology helps the Test Developers design their required test suites and test cases through a set of easy Wizard-like steps. On the other hand, it enables the Test Runners to execute those test cases as per their choice and needs. The result of tests can be logged to various log targets, such as a window, a file, the debugger. The logging capability and options are provided by another SARANGSoft developer product – Logastic – a highly-tuned superfast text logging engine for use by Windows C/C++ and C# developers.

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Important Points about Testology

  1. Two Types of Testology Users:
    • Test Developer: Organizes test cases, develops test suites, and runs those tests.

    • Test Runner: Uses already developed tests for running the various test cases, setting different run-time options and test case parameters that take effect during test execution.

  2. Organizing Test Cases:

    • Set various test options that act as default options during test run.

    • Create "Test Groups", which may contain another sub-group of test cases or a set of individual test cases, leading to a hierarchical "Test Tree" to test different components of a software system, where tests for each component come under a particular group.

    • Create some parameters and set their name, data type, and value for specific test cases.

    • Save all the settings and the test tree created during test case organization in XML format, as a .XTS/XML file.

  3. Developing Test Suites:

    • Windows COM interface for the development of "Test Suite", where methods of the interface represent a test suite structure, so that the Test Developer can write code only in the 'blank sections' of the test structure to implement the Test Suite.

    • 'Developer Guide' under Help menu for step-by-step instructions to create a Test Suite.

    • Built-in mechanism to retrieve additional custom parameter value(s) for a given data type in specific test case(s).

    • Built-in logging mechanism (SARANGSoft Logastic) for logging to window, file, debugger, console (or custom targets), which can be viewed at runtime.

  4. Automatic Code Generation: The Test Developer can generate a code structure for the test suite (with full test function signature) as per specification. Test Developer needs to fill only the actual test code for the functions to implement the test cases.

  5. Custom Profiles: Test Runner can create own test execution profile – selected test cases and/or groups, custom parameters, execution options etc. – and save those for later / repeated execution, without having to redefine those again and again.

  6. Command Line Mode: Testology can work in command line mode too. Therefore, you can run a test application with a saved profile and suitable command line options as part of a batch / automated execution setup.

  7. Result Logging and Viewing: After the test suite execution is completed, entire test result is logged in a file, which can be viewed in HTML format with all the formatting details.

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Testology v2.0

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