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Why use digipaper Convert piles of paper by scanning those into an organized collection of digital documents that can easily be searched through and retrieved in seconds.

The Problem and Solution Paper, paper, every where,
Nor the one I need.

It is quite common being overwhelmed with paper documents, be it at work or at home. There are papers for everything – from bills / receipts to reports, from permits to certificates, from designs / plans to project proposals, and more. Over time the piles of paper start creating inefficiency, confusion, worries. Since paper documents contain "information", as part of Information Safety and Disaster Preparedness process, it's essential to

  • Store important documents for both short- and long-term use
  • Keep a "safe copy" of documents in case of disaster / damage
  • Retrieve documents quickly and easily as and when needed
  • Restrict document access to only appropriate people
  • Share documents with others as and when needed
  • Keep several versions of the same document

You can achieve the above goals by digitizing (i.e., scanning) paper documents and storing in a hierarchically organized repository, so that it is fast and easy to retrieve, as well as dynamically control the access to the digital documents as needed. Since only the digital version can be used on regular basis, the original paper documents can be safely stored away and protected from frequent access, leading to degradation / damage or loss, and common disasters.

SARANGSoft digipaper is a document digitization and management software for the Windows platform to convert (scan) paper documents, or use already-scanned copies of those, to securely store in digital document repositories. With digipaper, you can tag each digital document for later identification and retrieval. Grant access to the digital documents for only a specific set of users (on need-to-know / do basis). Use built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text content from searchable / editable PDF and use the downloaded free Tesseract OCR Engine to extract text from the scanned image files. Utilize the powerful and flexible search – including full-text search – to quickly and easily locate the digital copy of any document within a repository and retrieve it. You can also look through different versions of the same document.

Managing Electronic Documents (too) Organizations are creating more and more electronic documents every day. There are tons of "files" – (Word) documents and (Excel) spreadsheets and (PowerPoint) presentations, marketing materials like logos and banners and posters and flyers (made with PhotoShop and such), technical designs / drawings (with AutoCAD or Visio), and a lot more. It often happens that one arm of the organization – even some people of the same department – doesn't know which of these documents are the latest / approved / intended material to be used in meetings, project proposals, planning process, promotional activities etc. This can lead to confusion and frustration, and can even cause major embarrassment and problems later on. A simple document management system helps organize various types of electronic documents in a repository (similar to a repository for digitized paper documents), so that the appropriate personnel can easily locate the required documents and use those as needed.

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Every organization maintains a lot of important documents. Organizations often have specific departmental structure and hierarchy. A lot of documents relate to specific departments. In general, most official documents are in paper format, which poses the following problems and challenges.

  • Paper documents keep building up, are hard to track, and are prone to loss / damage.
  • Documents contain important information, loss of which might cause major problems.
  • Maintaining information security / confidentiality is a challenge as unwanted people might access (or even tamper with) important documents, with disastrous effects on the document owner (person or organization).
  • Local storage of ever-increasing piles of papers is an endless challenge.
  • Searching for and finding a document – when needed – keeps getting harder over time.
  • No versioning for papers to track (audit trail) how a document changes over time.

The following steps to digitize (some refer to it as "digitalize / digitalise" or "digitalization / digitalisation of") paper documents and create digital archives can help address these problems.
  • Scan each document into either –
    • Image (PNG or JPEG) of suitable / required quality, clarity, resolution, color, contrast, brightness etc.
    • - or -
    • Searchable / editable single- or multi-page PDF format, which can be accurately OCR-ed
  • Tag (i.e., mark) each digital document with attribute (also referred to as "metadata") values of type text / number / date / time / custom data related to the document (e.g., name, department, account number, document type, date/month/year etc.). This helps later identify / find the document.
  • After scanning and tagging the document, securely store the digitized and tag(s) in a backend database.
    NOTE: The document database should be regularly backed up as per organizational policy to eliminate / minimize any data loss.
  • Prevent access (view / print / alter) to a digitized document or its tags (metadata) in the repository from outside digipaper without authentication via login using a valid user account.
  • For a document, edit its metadata (tag) and/or add a new scanned copy as another version.
  • Use digipaper's flexible search on document tags to easily locate the required document.
    NOTE: The version history of a document presents the changes made to it over time.
  • Find a document through search – including full-text search, then view and/or print it, or update it as needed.
    NOTE: Multi-page documents can be arranged to be viewed like pages of a book(let).


digipaper v5.0

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