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SysExpertez v3.3 Server Install Guide
How to Setup HTTPS in IIS

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  • filexpertez : Windows PC Backup to local & cloud storage
  • WinBackup Business:: Data Backup for Windows Network
  • digipaper: Document Digitization & Management
  • SysExpertez: Windows IT Configuration Management
  • CloudScape: Manage Cloud Data Storage
  • Testology: Test Framework for Windows C++ developers
  • Logastic: Logging engine for Windows C++ & C# developers

SysExpertez: for whom

  • IT Managers/Administrators
  • Windows domains or workgroups
  • Networks with 50+ PCs & servers
  • SMBs and branches of large organizations



Do you know your network ? What you don't know can hurt you!

Most IT Administrator / System Manager will admit it's hard to say "yes" based on their own experience. It is a challenge to track all the hardware used and software installed on the PCs and servers, keeping up with the users & groups and their actions – normal and the odd ones, various incidents, and the unplanned changes made over time. Without full knowledge of these, can you "manage" an IT environment – handle current requests, address existing and upcoming issues, prepare for the looming threats, plan for improvements, fulfill audit requirements, and more? For even a small network (with 20-25 computers), it takes considerable time and effort to keep pace with the dynamic nature of an IT network – hardware upgrades / changes, software (un)installs, applying security updates/patches, adding/deleting users / user groups and setting their privileges. It's repetitive, error-prone, time-consuming, and not fun. There are much more important issues (for you) to address and not enough time to do all that.

You need something that works for you automatically, provides the required data when you need it, alerts you about unexpected or unwanted incidents, and generates different types of reports (Customizable reports? That's even better!). That way you can worry less about these things, and take the appropriate actions when needed.

Now you have it – SARANGSoft SysExpertez (sys-expert-ease), or Windows networks. This powerful yet easy-to-use Configuration Management (way more than just "IT Inventory") tool does all the above and more. A ton of information about Windows (Active Directory) domain or Windows workgroup is now at your fingertips, without any running around. It is like a set of CCTVs within your network, so that you get a full view of the network through the Admin Console, as if sitting in the "control room". A true friend of IT System Professionals, SysExpertez automates and simplifies a lot of the painful and cumbersome tasks to produce accurate results quickly and easily. Detecting installation of unwanted software / services, abnormal user activities, specific hardware/equipment etc. are now just a couple of clicks away. Now that you know your network, go ahead make it better.

You can use SysExpertez Admin Console to schedule when to collect the hardware and software information from each computer in the network. It automatically collects data about the computers and users of the network and saves in a central database. Based on the collected data, you can run ad-hoc queries or generate reports (view, print, export) as per your needs. A unique feature of SysExpertez enables you to classify all the installed software into separate categories –

  • Licensed (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, SQL Server or Oracle, AutoCAD, QuickBook etc.)
  • Approved (e.g., Internet browsers, Adobe PDF Reader, Skype, OpenOffice etc.)
  • Prohibited (e.g., games, media players, chat apps etc.).
Any other software found installed within the network is automatically classified as "Unknown" and brought to your attention. You can also set up specific conditions, based on which automatic alerts will be sent to you via email and a companion mobile app (for now on Android and Windows 10). These alerts would notify you about unknown or unwanted software installation, low disk space in a drive, thermal conditions of PCs / servers, printer problems, and such.

In a Windows domain, you can add or delete users and user groups within the network, as well as set their respective privileges from a single point of control. Editing user and user group information, such as user profile renaming, password reset, assigning users to different groups etc. are made really easy.

In the "Admin Console" you need a couple of mouse-clicks to get the detailed hardware information for any PC in the network – such as CPU manufacturer / type / model, motherboard, RAM, hard disc, network chip / card, display and sound, as well as the network gear (e.g., routers, switches), and other non-Windows devices.

For software / system audit purposes, it's a snap to collect the installed software details – for the OS and apps, from all computers in the network.

With the help of SysExpertez, as an IT Manager / Administrator you can easily keep track of the resources / configuration and user activities within your Windows network. Automation and simplification of the repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks lead to accurate results and saving time / effort.

Editions of SysExpertez

Though multiple editions (packages) of SysExpertez were planned to address the needs of different network sizes and complexities as well as price points, over time it was understood that all the goodness of the highest level – the Premium Edition – will be useful for networks of all sizes. Therefore, SysExpertez is currently available as the Premium Edition only. The base package comes with 20 Client Access Licenses (CALs), which can be extended by adding more CAL Packs (to be purchased separately from SARANGSoft) as needed.

Product UI Screenshots


  • Manage domain, asset and operations monitoring for Windows network from single point
  • Collect data on computers, hardware, software, user activities within the network
  • Collect hardware data – CPU, motherboard, RAM, HD/CD/DVD/USB drive, network, display, sound ...
  • Collect all the installed software details (vendor, version, service packs, install date etc.)
  • Collect all the details about Operating Systems (version, service packs, hot fixes etc.)
  • Detect unwanted / unknown software install on any computer within the network
  • Detect non-Windows devices (e.g., Linux PCs, routers, switches, local & network printers etc.)
  • Detect printer problems (e.g., out of paper, paper jam, low toner etc.)
  • Easily and efficiently view, add, edit, delete users & groups in the domain
  • Track and generate reports on network changes to document activity trails
  • Track network assets by 'Location' or 'Zone' for geographically distributed organizations
  • Flexible ad-hoc search / query to locate computers, users, groups by various criteria, such as –
    • Hardware, software (version, service pack etc.)
    • Computer status (inactive / disabled / recently-created / recently-modified)
    • User and User Group type
    • Account status (security / distribution groups, enabled / disabled / password-expired / locked / inactive users etc.)
    • User's log in / out etc.
  • "Alerts" (via email & mobile apps) on custom criteria for actions, events, status within the network
  • Print, export (XML, PDF, Excel), schedule various reports as well as create custom reports as needed
  • Deploy the backend in cloud (AWS or Azure) for distributed organizations and users
  • Manage "alerts" with mobile companion app for Android and Windows 10
  • Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, and attractive graphical interface

SysExpertez Premium v3.3 (32 bit)
US$ 99.95 for base pack for 20 CALs (i.e., 20 Windows x86 / x64 devices - PCs & servers)

SysExpertez Premium v3.3 (64 bit)
US$ 99.95 for base pack for 20 CALs (i.e., 20 Windows x86 / x64 devices - PCs & servers)

SysExpertez Premium v3.3 (32 bit)
US$ 99.95 for base pack for 20 CALs (i.e., 20 Windows x86 / x64 devices - PCs & servers)
US$ 49.95 for each additional CAL Pack for 10 more devices
Download 30-day free trial, or buy a license.
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SysExpertez Premium v3.3 (64 bit)
US$ 99.95 for base pack for 20 CALs (i.e., 20 Windows x86 / x64 devices - PCs & servers)
US$ 49.95 for each additional CAL Pack for 10 more devices
Download 30-day free trial, or buy a license.
Download | Buy | Acquire CAL

Please contact us directly for more than 100 device licenses (i.e., CALs).