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Product Information

Install Guide(s):

SysExpertez v3.5 Install Guide
How to Setup HTTPS in IIS

Product Presentation:


  • filexpertez : Windows PC Backup to local & cloud storage
  • WinBackup Business:: Data Backup for Windows Network
  • digipaper: Document Digitization & Management
  • SysExpertez: Windows IT Configuration Management
  • CloudScape: Manage Cloud Data Storage
  • Testology: Test Framework for Windows C++ developers
  • Logastic: Logging engine for Windows C++ & C# developers

SysExpertez: for whom

  • IT Admins of Windows networks
  • Windows domains or workgroups
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Managers of multi-site networks
  • SMBs and branches of large orgs


SysExpertez UI Screenshots