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AlokC NOTE: This is a WRONG list, possibly made during testing. DO NOT USE. Microsoft: Windows PC Backup - local & cloud
Intel: Manage Cloud Data Storage
Digeo / ARRIS: Organizational Data Backup for Windows Network
Regence BlueShield: Windows IT Asset Management
NTA: Document Digitization & Control : Simplifying Business (SaaS model) Windows Logging Engine for C++ & C#

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How to Move Images with Arrow Keys in a Windows WPF App

In Image Processing applications it is sometimes necessary to move a selected image (or part of image) to place at a specific position. For example, it is applicable to Form Processing, where predefined templates of different forms exist. When you select an image and place a predefined template on top of the image, it may happen that the position of the image needs to be adjusted to align it with the template. In such cases, you can use keyboard arrow keys to move the image horizontally and/or v...

Dec 04, 2017

Why Backup Data and How to Backup on Windows - A Simple Solution

WHY BACKUP DATA? The most precious thing on your computer is the data. No, not the latest and greatest computer you have purchased recently. The most valuable asset on your computer is all the data stored on it, especially what you have created, collected, processed, organized for your work, learning, or even entertainment. Now here are some cold hard truth about data and the associated risks. 1. More than 95% computer users have experienced data loss in some point of their life. 2. Data loss ...

Nov 23, 2017

How to Create a Folder Accessible to only a Specific User (Data Backup User)

Data backup is like taking an insurance on your data. Just as we cannot predict what will happen with our life and property the next moment, and take cover of a good insurance, the same is true for our data too. Our precious data may be lost due to various reasons – natural disasters (earth-quake, flood, storm, fire), man-made havoc (theft, arson, violence), equipment failure, hacker attack etc. Backup acts as a good insurance against all such incidents. So, let's make sure to regularly backup...

May 25, 2017

filexpertez v2.5 released to support backup of open files and with Windows 10 certification.


SARANGSoft SysExpertez v3.1 Premium Edition has been released.


WinBackup Business v2.5 released with support for backup of all open files and offline backup as well as Windows 10 certification.


digipaper v3.0 released with public cloud support and Windows 10 compatibility.


digipaper version 2.6 released with improvements to Document Management and OCR support.


Testology v2.0 update released for 32-bit & 64-bit and with Windows 10 certification.


SARANGSoft SysExpertez v3.2 Premium Edition has been released with major improvements.


SARANGSoft SysExpertez v3.3 has been released with more improvements.


digipaper v3.1 released with support for all types of documents and improved OCR.


WinBackup Business v2.6 released with improved reporting and backup failure detection.


filexpertez v2.2 (32 bit)
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filexpertez v2.2 (64 bit)
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