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SARANGSoft is known for high-quality custom software services on Windows platform and the web for worldwide clients. The same software skill and experience in various technologies and domains have been utilized to design and develop a number of innovative software products for users at home, office, and software developers.

Our products come both as installable applications for Windows – desktop and server – and in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) model cloud-hosted applications.

Our goal has always been to create great quality products that deliver robust results as well as are easy to use, and bring those to the users at affordable prices, so that a large number of people and businesses can benefit from those. A look at our product offerings will demonstrate our commitment to value for money.

All our products are available as no-obligation Free Trial to check out before spending any money on those.


Data Backup to local / cloud from Windows Insure precious data with regular backups to local storage or cloud (AWS-S3 / Azure).
Fast and precise data restore as needed.
Reliable. Flexible. Affordable. Easy.

WinBackup Business

Data Backup for Windows Network.Automated backup of files & folders to protect data on all PCs & servers. Flexible and easy restore options.Domain & Workgroup backup simplified.


From piles of paper to organized resource! Scan paper documents. Tag as needed. Organize in suitable hierarchy.
Use the flexible search to find documents.
Protect paper documents. Create efficiency.


Do you know your network? What you don't know can hurt you!
Track PCs, servers, hardware, software, status.
Manage users & groups, monitor activities. Like CCTV for your Windows network.


Windows browser for cloud storage. Seamlessly integrate cloud and local storage. Explorer-like UI to transfer files & folders. Sync data to cloud with custom profiles. Use AWS & Azure storage like local disks.


Framework for Windows Test Development Wizard-like step-by-step process for C/C++ developers to easily create, manage, execute all kinds of test applications. Easily develop unit / stress / perf tests.


Logging engine for Windows development Logging on steroids for C/C++ & C# developers.
Super-easy and efficient logging to window, file, console, debugger.
Ready-made logging class for software projects.