Importance of Electronic Document Management System

Importance of Document Management
A document – personal, professional, official or academic, has always of importance to us. It’s an integral part of our life, depending on which we carry on our daily activities – at home, institutions, and offices. However, keeping track of and maintaining all these important documents is not an easy task. Who hasn’t been through the search for important data and documents, the common hunt for the latest information or document, and the problems faced when those cannot be found? This document management has become a high priority in our daily life. A good document management system helps organize documents in efficient manner, so that any document can be found whenever needed.

Why Electronic Document Management System came into being?
Document management started as a manual process (when documents were only paper-based), which included storing documents – sometimes with paper-tags / markers of different colors – in folders and boxes, and then filing cabinets / racks. The color coding by tags helped differentiate / identify categories of papers / files while searching for specific documents. These manual processes often turned out to be inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming, but still that was the prevalent process in the absence of any other option. With the advent of automation and computing in our daily life, we naturally turned towards computer-based document management system to take advantage of computer’s speed, capacity, efficiency and error-free operation. A number of different document management systems came to the market, some convert paper documents into digital form and then manage those. Thus Electronic Document Management started taking off.
digipaper is an innovative and versatile software product to manage the growing accumulation of both paper documents and digital documents to create archives or repositories for convenient and efficient operation at any organization.

A common shortfall in digitized document management
Digitization of documents generally focus on converting paper documents into scanned images and storing that. Most of us understand the importance and benefit of digitizing paper documents, but that alone does not fulfill the requirement of managing all digital documents within a ‘repository’. Other than the paper documents, in every office endless digital documents of varieties types (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images / photos / logos, designs, forms, templates etc.) are created every day on computers. All these files have their own value as per the organization’s operation, rules / policies, and future plans. These files are edited / changed often as needed, thereby creating multiple versions, distributed among different employees or even external parties (such as partners, customers, suppliers / vendors etc.). It happens that a particular file is changed a number of times and all the versions have to be tracked, so that a specific version can be found when needed. That’s why proper design and organization of archives / repositories, along with versioning, is essential for a good document management system.

digipaper as an Electronic Document Management System
Along with converting paper documents to digitized format as well as tagging and organizing those in hierarchical structure, digipaper also helps an organization create a “repository” of all types of important electronic documents, with all their versions, in a central location. Then any version of a document (and its full history) can be found in one place within a very short time. This helps avoid the problems of using outdated or wrong documents / data. It also minimizes time wastage and frustration of searching through endless unorganized documents as well as helps control access for different users. Once a proper document management system is deployed in an organization, the operational efficiency, quality of work, employee and customer satisfaction are clearly visible almost immediately. The benefits grow even more as time passes by and more documents are brought under the system to be managed.

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  4. Yes, Electronic document management system is very important. Ti helps to convert your paper document into digitized format.
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  5. Document Management is very important these days because everyone has some confidential data, and every one wants to secure them.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Document management software is a must use software for enterprises of all departments, as it helps to save time by finding files and folders quickly.

    Most important features of any DMS
    1) Easy search to find documents quickly
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  11. Hi Sarang,

    Which would be the leading India software / product companies in document management space. Any suggestions would be extremely useful.


    1. @Kunal: Not sure what all Indian software companies develop their own document management products. Some companies work as VAR / reseller of other (mostly foreign) tech companies.
      One company Online24x7 has a doc management software ( Feel free to check it out.

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