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  1. Hey Tapas, Thanks for posting a very informative article. Rising a pile of physical records too much irritating, Document digitization makes business workflow easier. I am so excited that why I am here in the comment box. I belong to the same industry click here to know to abut me-http://www.securus.co.in/service-detail/document-digitization-services

  2. This blog is great!
    the importance of records digitization can not be emphasized enough. here’s my question, what kind of equipment are necessary for this job and what kind of technical development have been applied over the years? is it possible to stream scan paper documents without loosing order?

    1. The scanning / digitizing equipment selection depends on the type of documents. Loose-leaf pages can be scanned in bulk via the automatic document feeder (ADF) of standard scanners (or all-in-one printers). Delicate pages might need to be scanned one at a time on the scanning bed. Some large size documents might need to be photographed in a specific way. Sometimes a handheld scanner also might be suitable. It all depends — whatever works for the documents.
      Not sure we understand your second question (what kind of technical development have been applied over the year”). If it’s about scanning technology, the quality of scanning is improving, different scanning resolutions are available, the speed of scanning is higher now, you can scan both 1- and 2-sided pages, scanners for various sizes are available (including handheld lightweight scanners), and so on.
      Again, not sure what you mean by “stream scan paper documents without losing order”. An app CAN be built to scan documents and make those available to other location(s) in the order the pages appear / are scanned. Our digitization product, digipaper, currently doesn’t do streaming of documents. However, it is technologically possible to achieve what you have asked for (if we have understood your question correctly).

  3. Every so often the question just rise that can any file format or design be digitized? Although embroidery has some limitations, that’s why it cannot be printed clearly on the fabric such as small details, small letters, or color gradients are sometimes hard to reproduce entirely in the thread.

  4. Nice blog. Digitizing the paper document is one of the important processes. It helps to organize your paper documents and helps to retrieve the documents and use it whenever needed. The digitization involves document scanning and document conversions. It also helps to save your storage space and cost. Know more https://www.coralfusion.com/digitization.html

    1. Hi Anitha,
      The scope of digitization is quite vast — starting from document evaluation, selection of suitable process and equipment, organization of digitized / digital documents, document retrieval, security, management and more. Every organization has its own requirement, and it’s often hard to meet all those with one product. We have so far found that digipaper is able to meet most customers’ needs, but still at times we are asked to make some customization / enhancements for specific scenarios. Also, one of the major workload in digitization is with all the manual steps. That often drives the timeframe, cost, quality, and planning.

  5. This is very important information for organizations that would like to digitize their records. Storage has been an issue due to insufficient space to store records. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Josephine. Digitizing paper documents do help in many ways.
      As the amount of paper documents continues to increase over time, it gets harder to organize, track, and store all those. Once the documents are properly digitized, the paper versions can be stored away at some remote facility (or sometimes can even be shredded / destroyed).

  6. Ours is a central govt. organisation located in Delhi. I require a study and brief report including time taken, methodology, cost , maintenance etc.

  7. Like you mentioned, it is important to make sure that your company has all of the records in order so that they can easily access them at any time. Also, companies that used to use paper records should switch over to electronic copies of the records. That way, they cannot be lost or destroyed like they could have been if they were paper.

  8. Hi,
    I have read the whole article, my opinion is that records management is not only important but it is necessary for organization for smooth working. The most important aspect is security and after that its time saving. It will surely improve the efficiency of organisational work.

  9. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you

    1. @johnc308: The website and blog has been developed by our in-house team. The blog uses a publicly available theme.

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