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Solutions We Provide

Small Business Operations

It's not just about technology, but complete solution for SMBs within small budget.

  • How do you track your employee attendance – who is present vs. absent?
  • How do you know if the employees come in time or late, and if so how late and how often?
  • When is an employee taking leave?
  • How many employees are taking leave on the same day?
  • How to keep track of employees' leaves – who has used how much leave of which type?
  • How do you track and collect the attendance and leave data to run your payroll?
And more. Every organization needs to focus on its core business and simplify the day-to-day operations. Some seemingly simple activities turn out to be difficult to track and manage, such as employees' attendance and leave as well as providing data for running the payroll. Technology helps streamline regular operational activities. Unfortunately, most technologies are complex or expensive or piece-meal or all of those. SARANGSoft .MORE is a suite of SaaS model business applications for SMBs for day-to-day operational activities – attendance, leave, payroll input, project / activity management. All you need are PCs with Internet connection. No upfront payment or setup. Low monthly cost. No hassle to start, use as long as you want. .MORE also helps with task and time management for the employees working on various projects. It enables proper allocation of resources, project costing, latest status monitoring and reporting, required resource and schedule adjustment, and so on. As a result, projects are managed a lot more professionally and can be reviewed for profitability and scope for improvement. We not only provide these web-based apps to businesses, but also work on understanding the organization's exact needs, suggest the appropriate modules, setup and configure, input the organizational rules and policies, customize with organization's name and logo, provide training and support, and more. We can also build a custom version of these apps for a specific organization's needs and deliver it as a managed app suite. RESULT: Improved operation at very low cost and no technical hassle.