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Do you care about the files on your PC? If so, you must be taking regular backups. You are, right?

If you save any data on your Windows PC, i.e., if you edit documents, crunch numbers, design presentations, collect / process / organize data, and so on, you know those files – not the hardware or software – are the most valuable items on the PC. A mishap – natural disaster or equipment failure – can destroy all your hard work on the data you have developed over time. Will you be able to handle the resulting losses? Will you know how much and which data might have been affected by such an unfortunate incident?

The simplest and most effective option for safekeeping of your data, even better than insurance: regular automatic data backup, preferably to a remote location. In case of any mishap, the required data can be promptly and precisely restored from the backups.

You can easily do it using filexpertez (file-expert-ease), and without spending much! It's a comprehensive file and folder management tool for Windows PCs – at home, office, school / college, research lab, everywhere.

At the heart of filexpertez is the powerful and flexible backup and restore functionality. The backup and restore functionality enables you to take automatic or manual backup – either full or incremental – and save those locally (hard disk, CD/DVD, network, removable disks like USB drives) vs. remotely (cloud, FTP), with or without encryption (AES 128 to 256-bit) and so on. You can also schedule the backups, as well as opt to receive email notification on completion. Restore includes a number of standard as well as innovative capabilities, such as manual vs. structure restore, restore points, filtered restore and more.


Data Backup to local or cloud storage.
Insure precious data on your PC with
regular backup.

Fast and precise restore as needed. Reliable. Flexible. Easy.


Sliding Panel for WinBackup Business

Are you in charge of your organization's IT network? Then you probably care most about the data on all the PCs and servers in the network.
You try to protect all your users' data under all circumstances.

Your users edit documents, crunch numbers, design presentations, collect / process / manage data, thereby building up the valuable data asset for the organization. It's up to you to prevent any loss of data files, which are the most valuable items on the PC, not the hardware or software. A mishap – natural disaster or equipment failure – can destroy all the hard work to build the data over time. Will your users and organization be able to handle the resulting losses? Will any of you know how much and which data might have been affected by such an unfortunate incident?

The simplest and most effective option for safekeeping of your data, even better than insurance: regular automatic data backup, preferably to a remote location. In case of any mishap, the required data can be promptly and precisely restored from the backups.

Now you have SARANGSoft WinBackup Business to easily backup data from all the PCs and servers in your network. It's the perfect backup tool for Windows networks in offices, schools / colleges, research labs and more.

WinBackup Business is a centrally controlled (by the organization's IT Administrator) distributed backup process (executed on individual PCs and servers). It shares the backup and restore engine with SARANGSoft's individual PC backup product 'filexpertez'. It enables you to set up automatic or manual backup – either full or incremental – for any or all the computers in your network. You can choose to save to hard disk, network share, removable media (e.g., USB drives) etc. You can choose to compress the backup archives, encrypt those (with AES 128 to 256-bit), schedule the backups, receive email notification on completion, and so on. You can also use SARANGSoft's CloudScape application (bundled with WinBackup Business) to copy the backup archives to your choice of cloud storage (AWS-S3 or Azure) and retrieve from there as needed.

The 'Admin Console' helps you select the required PCs and servers, the drives for each PC / server, and the folders in each drive for a backup. You also select the schedule for backups (full & incremental), backup destination, compression, encryption etc. Backup is performed on each PC / server based on the options specified by the IT Admin for that computer.

The powerful backup and restore functionality of WinBackup Business is also simple and efficient. It presents all the relevant functionality and options to keep you informed and comfortable for making the correct choices for "your" needs. Neither is it restrictive in the name of being "simple", nor does it present a confusing array of options to be "flexible". It hits the right balance between capability, flexibility and ease of use.

WinBackup Business generates a set of essential reports to give you full view of the backup process for the whole network over any time period. You know which PCs and servers are included in the backup (vs. not), which data folders from which drives on each PC is being backed up, the backup schedule, success and failure of every backup attempt etc. In short you know everything about the backup process, and can make adjustments as you need.

The Restore steps is done directly on the PC(s), for which the data files & folders need to be recovered. It includes a number of standard as well as innovative capabilities, such as manual vs. structure restore, restore points, filtered restore and more.

The functionality and options cover all the different scenarios for the whole network, but the user interface makes it easy to understand and choose what you need to do at every step, along with the most common options chosen by default, so that you can breeze through the process.

WinBackup Business

Data Backup for Windows Network.Automated backup of files & folders to protect data on all PCs & servers.
Flexible and easy restore options.
Domain & Workgroup backup simplified.


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Why use digipaper Convert the burden of paper piles to an organized collection of resources
that can be searched through in moments.

The Problem and Solution Paper, paper, every where,
Nor the one I need.

It is quite common being overwhelmed with paper documents, be it at work or at home. There are papers for everything – from bills / receipts to reports, from permits to certificates, from designs / plans to project proposals, and more. Over time the piles of paper start creating inefficiency, confusion, worries. Since paper documents contain "information", as part of Information Safety and Disaster Preparedness process, it's essential to

  • Store important documents for both short- and long-term use
  • Retrieve documents quickly and easily as and when needed
  • Restrict document access to only appropriate people
  • Keep a "safe copy" of documents in case of disaster / damage

You can achieve the above goals by digitizing paper documents and storing in an organized manner, so that it is fast and easy to retrieve, as well as dynamically control the access to digitized documents as needed. Since only the digital version can be used on regular basis, the original paper documents can be safely stored away and protected from frequent access, leading to degradation / damage, and common disasters.

SARANGSoft digipaper is a document digitization and organizing software to convert paper documents (or already-scanned copies of those) into "Digital Document Archives". You can "tag" each digital document for later identification. Access to the digital documents can be controlled to specific set of users. A powerful and flexible search capability makes it easy to find the digital copy of any document within an archive.

Managing Electronic Documents (too) Organizations are creating more and more electronic documents every day. There are (Word) documents to spreadsheets to presentations, marketing materials like logos, banners, posters, flyers etc., technical designs / drawings, and a lot more. It often happens that one arm of the organization – even a person of the same department – doesn't know which of these documents is the latest / approved / intended material to be used in project proposals, planning process, promotional activities etc. This can lead to confusion and frustration, and can even cause major embarrassment and problem later on. A simple document management system helps organize the various types of electronic documents in a repository (similar to an archive for digitized paper documents), so that the appropriate personnel can easily locate the required documents and use those as needed.


Piles of paper to organized resource!Scan paper documents, tag as needed, organize in suitable hierarchy.
Flexible search to find documents.

Protect paper docs & create efficiency.


Sliding Panel for SysExpertez

Do you know your network ? What you don't know can hurt you!

From experience, you will admit it's hard to say "yes". It is a challenge to track of all the hardware used and software installed on the PCs and servers, keeping up with the users & groups and their actions – normal and odd ones, various incidents, and the often unplanned changes made over time. Without full knowledge of these, can you "manage" an IT environment – handle current and upcoming issues, address looming threats, plan for improvements, fulfill audit requirements? Even for a small network (with 20-25 computers), it takes considerable time and effort to keep pace with the dynamic nature of an IT network – hardware upgrades / changes, software (un)installs, adding/deleting users / user groups and setting their privileges. It's repetitive, error-prone, time-consuming, and not fun. There are much more important issues (for you) to address and not enough time to do all that.

You need something that works for you automatically, provides you the required data when you need, alerts you about uncommon or unwanted incidents, generates varieties of reports. That way you can worry less about these things, and take the appropriate actions when needed.

Now you have it – SARANGSoft SysExpertez (sys-expert-ease), for Windows networks. This powerful yet easy-to-use Configuration Management (more than just "IT Inventory") tool does all the above and more. A ton of information about a Windows (Active Directory) domain or a Windows workgroup is now at your fingertips, without any running around. It is like a set of CCTVs within your network, so that as the Admin you get a full view of the network through the Admin Console, as if sitting in the "control room". A true friend of IT System Professionals, SysExpertez automates and simplifies a lot of the painful and cumbersome tasks to produce accurate results quickly and easily. Finding unwanted software installs, abnormal user activities, specific hardware/equipment etc. are now just a couple of clicks away. Now that you know your network, go ahead make it better!

You can use SysExpertez Admin Console to schedule when to collect the hardware and software information from each PC and server in the network. It automatically collects data about the computers and users of the network and saves in a central database. Based on the collected data, you can make an ad-hoc query or generate a report (view, print, export) as per your needs. You can classify all the installed software into separate categories –

  • Licensed (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Oracle database, AutoCAD etc.)
  • Approved (e.g., Internet browsers, PDF Reader, Skype etc.)
  • Prohibited (e.g., games, media players, chat apps etc.).
Any other software found installed within the network will automatically be classified as "Unknown" and brought to your attention. You can also set up specific conditions, based on which automatic alerts will be sent to you via email to notify you about unknown or unwanted software installation or low disk space in a drive and such. It helps you as an IT Manager / Administrator to keep track of the resources / configuration and user activities within the Windows network. Automation and simplification of the repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming tasks lead to accurate results without much effort.

In a Windows domain, you can add or delete users and user groups within the network, as well as set their respective privileges from a single point of control. Editing user and user group information, such as user profile renaming, password reset, assigning users to different groups etc. are made really easy.

Using the "Admin Console" you need a couple of mouse clicks to see the detailed hardware information – such as CPU manufacturer / type / model, motherboard, RAM, hard disc, network chip / card, display and sound etc. – for any PC within the network. For software audit purposes, it's a snap to find the installed software details – for the OS and apps, from all PCs in the network.

Different Editions of SysExpertez

SysExpertez is available in multiple editions (packages) to address the needs of different network sizes and complexities as well as price points.

Premium: The Premium edition comes with 100 Client Access Licenses (CALs), which can be extended by adding more CAL packs (to be purchased separately from SARANGSoft). This edition adds even more functionality on top of the Pro edition, such as mail based alerts, cross-domain operation, USB port enable / disable, software categories, monitoring & reporting of software of various categories (such as detection of unwanted / prohibited software installs within the network), hardware & software history, user activity reports.

Professional: The Professional (in short "Pro") edition is for mid-size networks – up to 50 PCs – and it also adds some additional functionality, such as support for Organizational Units (OU), manual tracking of assets, customization and scheduling of reports.

Standard: The Standard edition is meant for small networks – with 25 or less PCs – that pose less challenges. This edition comes with a set of basic capabilities that make it very easy to track and monitor a small size network (possibly a workgroup). It does not provide some of the more advanced functionality required for bigger and more complex networks.


Do you know your network?What you don't know can hurt you!
Track PCs, servers, hardware, software,users & groups, and their activities.Like a CCTV for Windows network.


Sliding Panel for CloudScape

These days we all keep seeing and hearing about "cloud computing" and "cloud technology". One of the most common use of "cloud" is remote storage of data, such as for data backup, for safety reasons. Most cloud storage services come all-in-one – the storage, the application to access the stored data, limitations / restrictions etc. While an integrated approach simplifies certain usage scenarios, the biggest drawback is the one-approach-fits-all assumption. Your choices are limited to how that cloud storage service has been designed and developed, and for whom.

CloudScape is a unique cloud computing tool for the Windows platform to seamlessly integrate cloud storage with local storage (such as the hard disc in the PC). Its Windows Explorer-like user interface enables easy transfer (including drag & drop) of files and folders to and from cloud, thereby making cloud storage an extension of your local PC storage. CloudScape currently works with Amazon (AWS) S3 and Microsoft Azure, with more public cloud support coming in the future.

You can also use Windows standard shortcut keys (e.g., Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, F2, Del etc.), and the rich context menus to perform various operations on cloud and local storage. The local storage not only gives you a view of your computer, but also all the PCs in your network.


Windows browser for cloud storage.Seamlessly integrate cloud storage and local storage with drag & drop.
Windows Explorer-like user interface.
Use AWS & Azure storage like local disks.


Sliding Panel for Testology

Why Testology

When a product is developed, it is meant to serve a purpose. But how do you judge the quality of the product? How do you know that rather than solving the problem, it won't cause more it? For software products, it's no different, and actually could be even worse, because bad quality software might cause serious problems, such as data loss, compromising your computer security, damaging another product or process, and so on. Above all, how do you know the product will actually serve the planned purpose or not? All of those questions have one answer – through proper testing.

The next question is what kind of testing? It would definitely be great to test the whole product and all of its components thoroughly. However, that means a lot of different test cases to run from various different angles / setups. For that the "Test Developer" needs to develop test suite(s) with a rather large number of test cases. Not only that, each test case has to be executed to verify certain feature or function of the product. All this needs a LOT of time. On top of that, there could be cross-dependencies between different parts of the product, where taking one step in one area may have intended or unintended consequences in another seemingly unrelated area of the product. Taking all this into account, doing a thorough testing of a product is quite a challenge!

Some of that challenge can be handled with test automation, which help develop and maintain test suites, run the test cases automatically or interactively (as needed), and log the test results and summary for the tester to generate reports. Also, it's often necessary to change only the data set for the test cases to get more test coverage. It's not trivial, or even easy, to handle different data sets for the same test cases. A properly designed test development and automation tool can address that need too.

SARANGSoft Testology is a powerful test automation tool for Windows C/C++ developers. It provides an easy mechanism to develop tests – from unit tests for C functions or C++ classes by "Software Developers" to full test suites by "Test Developers" – as well as enables "Test Runners" (or "Testers") to execute those test cases to verify the correctness, reliability, and performance of the concerned software product.

Testology helps the Test Developers design their required test suites and test cases through a set of easy Wizard-like steps. On the other hand, it enables the Test Runners to execute those test cases as per their choice and needs. The result of tests can be logged to various log targets, such as a window, a file, the debugger. The logging capability and options are provided by another SARANGSoft Developer product – Logastic – a highly-tuned superfast text logging engine for use by Windows C/C++ and C# developers.


Framework for Windows test developmentWizard-like step-by-step process for C/C++ developers to easily create, manage, execute all kinds of test applications.
Easily develop unit/stress/perf tests.


Windows Development

Windows Development

Windows OS internals to apps, components, services for over a decade.Software architecture, design, development, testing, maintenance services to the biggest companies in the Windows world.
Expertise: OS internals, Multimedia, DRM, System Management, Database, File System, UI, Internet, Web Service, Cloud, and more.


Web Development

Web Development

Web apps and web services for Open Source and Windows / .NETProduct and solution design, development, testing, deployment.
Small to large projects across domains – eCommerce, social network, health & wellness, food & hospitality, streaming media, education, product marketing, project management, government, non-profit, and more.


Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup doesn't start and end with the software alone.We design an OPTIMUM data protection mechanism for your organization with our data backup product, the right choice of local and cloud storage technologies, and suitable process. Result: Best value, protection, peace of mind.


IT Configuration Management

The constant challenges of managing IT networks.IT Admins manage PCs & servers, hardware, software (& licenses), users & groups, security, performance, and more.
We deliver configuration management as you need it.
Result: Efficient, Secure, Managed IT network.


Document Digitization

Digitization is not all about scanning papers!For speed & efficiency, convert piles of paper into useful resource.
We do it all for you - planning document archives, user & access control, scanning, tagging, custom search, process definition.
Result: Complete digitization solution that works.


Small Business Operations

SMBs need simple technology within small budget.Business solutions in Software as a Service (SaaS) model on subscription basis. For attendance, leave, payroll feed, project management & time tracking, and more. Result: No upfront cost, low monthly fee, easy & effective.


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WinBackup Business v2.5 released with support for backup of all open files and offline backup as well as Windows 10 certification.

Dec 02, 2015 more...

filexpertez v2.5 released to support backup of all open files and with Windows 10 certification.

Nov 06, 2015 more...

digipaper v3.0 released with public cloud support and Windows 10 compatibility.

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